Ongoing Initiatives



Does Bend have the right city council governance structure to best address the significant challenges facing our city? Right now seven volunteer at-large councilors are elected to the council and then select a mayor among themselves. Is geographic representation important as Bend grows? Would an elected mayor provide our community with stronger leadership on the council? Is it appropriate for volunteers to lead a city of 87,000 people? The Bend Livability Project is launching this exploration team to consider the answer to a central question in the evolution of our city: Is it time for charter review?

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We expect to see 40 percent more people living here by 2030 with very few new roads. Move Bend is a new coalition and campaign launching with the Bend Livability Project that builds public support and funding for multimodal and innovative transportation projects in Bend to accommodate our growth. Together our partners can pool resources, amplify messages, and coordinate to transform our auto-centric transportation system into a multimodal network rivaling any other in the country. Together we can drive this major shift by uniting our community partners behind the audacious goal of reducing our vehicle miles traveled by 5 percent by 2028.

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  • Sign up to attend our fist major community strategy session in July where we’ll consider tactics and plans to Move Bend.



The City’s data and community-driven approach to making the streets of Bend safe and comfortable for all Bend residents and visitors, the Livability Project helps launch this new program by creating the city’s first temporary protected bike lane and bike boulevards. Over the summer and into the fall, this program will engage Bend residents to test out other bike and pedestrian demonstration projects that you can help build and evaluate as we turn toward a community with safer, more complete streets.

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The CET Coalition kicks off later this year and brings together residents, transit riders, and community leaders to advocate for long-term sustainable funding for transit. Get ready to join the coalition to learn about our region’s transit needs and to establish high quality transit service in Central Oregon. Some of us ride it. All of us need it.

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At the Bend Livability Conference a group of developers, realtors, affordable housing builders and community leaders voted to create a new collaborative housing policy group focused on creating incentives for developers to build more workforce housing in Bend. A steering committee is being formed to help create a plan to guide the group’s work.

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  • Email Bend 2030 Executive Director Erin Foote Morgan with questions at
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Bend East Community Alliance


Do you believe in making the Eastside even better? Get engaged with other residents who want to enhance the livability of this half of our city. We’re working to organize a meeting in July where this coalition will discuss goals and strategies.

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