It’s Good for Business

This is a pivotal moment in Bend’s future. The tech industry, with its forward-thinking and innovation focus, knows that right now is the time to be bold in shaping our City. We love the Bend of today, but we think differently about its future. We think every city should have the goal of being the most livable city in America. We believe we should implement and improve on the best model solutions from around the world. What’s the best out there? Let’s be better than that. Learn About Five Talent Software

Preston Callicott
CEO | Five Talent Software

It’s Good for Bend

Bend has some huge questions on the horizon about how we want to grow and what type of community we want to be. COAR supports this Project because we know that no matter what happens here, we want a high quality of life for the people living and moving here. This Project is a gathering place for community discussion, education and engagement on how we can accomplish that goal. Learn About COAR

Kim Gammond
Communications Director | Central Oregon Association of Realtors

It’s Good for Bendites

Bend 2030 is heading this project because it’s our mission to engage and empower the community to achieve its Vision for Bend in 2030. That Vision is all about protecting and enhancing the Bend lifestyle we love. We can’t just assume that Bend will get it right in the future. We have to be diligent about driving forward plans and initiatives that get us there for the future of our residents and their families. Learn About Bend 2030

Erin Foote Marlow
Executive Director | Bend 2030

Our Visionary Partners

How will my sponsorship be used?

Your sponsorship helps cover costs such as speaker fees, speaker travel and accommodations, venue fees, marketing, Project website, Project publications, supplies and equipment, a lm festival, and project management costs.

How can I get more involved?

You can provide more than funding for this important project. Your talents, expertise, volunteer time, and community network are all valuable resources. Please let us know if you would like to help plan the Project, volunteer at conference events, or help us with our outreach efforts by sharing information on Facebook or email. Share your interest by emailing the contacts below.

Christin Hunter
Project Development Coordinator
[email protected]

Erin Foote Marlowe
Bend 2030 Executive Director
[email protected]